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There are 300 children who attend Masajja Christian Center Orphan School. Some of the teachers were themselves orphaned and taken in by this church; now they want to give something back. They often teach without adequate or regular pay. Several of them live together in single rooms without electricity, often sleeping on woven mats on a clay floor. These are incredibly gifted and dedicated teachers, full of love and hope--but without regular pay, they will eventually be forced to leave for employment with a government school. Through Hope Street Missions Uganda, we desire to establish a Teacher Fund so these dedicated teachers can continue their work. There are currently 11 teachers at Masajja. A monthly salary is $65 per teacher.

Ugandan school desks are designed to seat two children. Students at Masajja often sit five to a desk or on the floor. Hope Street Missions Uganda desires to raise money for the purchase of additional desks.

School Desks

$45 buys a desk that will seat 2 - 4 children

Teacher Fund

$65 will pay the salary for a trained and certified teacher for one month.


Gifts in any amount to meet these needs will be gratefully accepted.

Pledges in any amount may be made for a specific need. Pledges may be paid in monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. All contributions are tax deductible.