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In Uganda, due to past wars and the ravages of aids, there are millions of orphans. Currently, more than 80% of the population is under the age of 15, and these children live in poverty conditions beyond any extremes imaginable. Yet God is moving in Uganda and there are the wonderful beginnings of revival. Christianity is growing rapidly, and the government has partnered with Christian churches, Christian schools, and Christian orphanages to teach monogamy, abstinence and health. Through this relationship, Uganda is now the one African nation that has stopped the increase of aids.

Hope Street Missions Uganda works with indigenous missionaries and pastors who are directly responsible for the care and protection of needy children, orphaned children, and street children in the Kampala area. Ugandans gladly share what they have, no matter how little. Often orphaned and needy children stay in the home of a church leader. Some pastors and elders have as many as 17 children living in their small homes, even though there are no funds to support them. Even so, these children are safe at night, attend weekly worship, regular Bible study, and receive guidance and moral training.

When a child receives a sponsorship, the entire household will benefit, but the sponsored child also receives the following:

$25.00 a month provides:

  • Food
  • School Fees / School Uniform
  • Shoes
  • Medical Care

Child Sponsors will receive news and updates about their child and the progress they are making. Hope Street Missions Uganda missionaries will follow up on each sponsored child when traveling to Uganda. Upon their return from such a trip, sponsors will receive updated news about their child.

In the event a child leaves the area or is no longer affiliated with one of our three schools, their sponsorship will be transferred to another child.

Child Sponsorships can be paid in monthly payments of $25, quarterly payments of $75, or an annual payment of $300. All contributions are tax deductible.