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Grace Fellowship Church is located in the slum area of Kampala, Uganda. Pastor Nelson Kyasooka knows that the presence of God in people changes and transforms the land, which is his vision for this slum. A transformation began to happen in a very real way when the church bought land and began to hold services and minister in the slum. To help the children in the area, the church rented an abandoned school building and opened a primary school. This was done by vision and faith alone as these children have no ability to pay school fees. Most are orphans living with a relative or guardian, many of the adults dying of aids.

The church is located at one end of the slum and the school, Grace Fellowship Primary & Nursery School, is located at the other, creating pillars of hope and strength at both ends. The church invited all children living in the slum to attend their school, free of charge, which was an invitation to life for these children for whom there was otherwise no hope of receiving an education. Currently there are almost 400 children enrolled.

The teachers are committed Christians, dedicated to the cause of education and Jesus Christ. The work conditions are unimaginable by American standards, and they often have to wait until enough money has been raised to receive their monthly salaries. Grace Fellowship Primary & Nursery School is a new school and needs many things; however, a well appointed school with an abundance of supplies is worth very little without good teachers. Gifted and dedicated teachers can excite children to learn and teach them even in the absence of supplies. It is essential to insure that these teachers receive their salaries on time so they can remain on staff in this mission field. Hope Street has partnered with Grace Fellowship to send funds to supplement these salaries. Our vision is to secure partners who will underwrite and insure these salaries. Teachers are each paid 100,000 Uganda shillings, which is about $65.00 per month. There are 12 teachers.

Equally important to good teachers is that the children receive physical nourishment during the day, as most have little to eat otherwise. Currently a temporary kitchen is under construction and the Food Program for this school has been completely underwritten! A breakfast of porridge and a lunch of beans and rice will be prepared daily and fed to 400 children and school staff.

Teachers Fund

$65 will pay the salary for a trained and certified teacher for one month.

School Supplies

As a new school, they are in need of school supplies such as textbooks, desks, chalk, paper, pencils, etc.


Gifts in any amount to meet these needs will be gratefully accepted.
Pledges in any amount may be made for a specific need.

Pledges may be paid in monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. All contributions are tax deductible.