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Luwafu Church has a primary school for orphans and needy children; there are 300 - 350 students. They have only a few trained teachers and a number of caring volunteers. This school is strategically located for spiritual nurturing of both the children and the community. The Pastor and Headmistress are both well educated with proper teaching credentials, able to find positions elsewhere, but are dedicated to teaching these children and this community of believers.

Most of the children (and many of the staff) do not have food to eat. Many of the children were falling asleep at school. To enable the children to have the strength to learn, they needed to be fed. Hope Street Missions Uganda has established a food program which provides each student and staff member a breakfast of porridge and a lunch of beans and rice.


$100 will feed all the children and teachers a breakfast of porridge for one month.

$400 will feed all the children and teachers breakfast (porridge) and lunch (beans and rice) for one month.

Teacher Fund $65 will pay the salary for a trained and certified teacher for one month.


Gifts in any amount to meet these needs will be gratefully accepted.

Pledges in any amount may be made for a specific need. Pledges may be paid in monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. All contributions are tax deductible.